It is time to transform

The world is changing. It is time that we also change the way we exist on our planet. All change first begins in your mind. All change first occurs on the inside.

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Improve Your Health: Start with Honesty

How would you feel if I told you that honesty has the power to improve your health? You see the thing is that throughout our lives we have heard phrases and idioms such as honesty is the best policy. Our parents, our schoolteachers, our elders have always talked about how important honesty is for us.…

The Healing Power of Sound

Sound therapy is not something new. According to ancient wisdom it has been practiced for thousands of years. And people have benefited with this practice and many report feelings of being at peace and relaxed after a sound bath. Let me try to explain why this might be the case and that the foundation of…

Co-existence is the only way forward

Nature is fighting back! Nature is taking control. It is fighting desperately for its right to exist, to survive, to thrive. It is time to rethink how we have existed on this planet. A special Thanks to Nature Connection for putting together this video. Bakhtawar Khan

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