The Healing Power of Sound

Sound therapy is not something new. According to ancient wisdom it has been practiced for thousands of years. And people have benefited with this practice and many report feelings of being at peace and relaxed after a sound bath. Let me try to explain why this might be the case and that the foundation of this phenomena in fact lies deep within science.

We learn in high school science books that all matter is energy. Matter is simply electrons, protons and neutrons which is further sub divided into subatomic particles which I need not dive into because this is not a blog for a physicist. If everything is matter, and matter is energy, then we can say that we are also energy. Since we are also made up of the same electrons, the protons and subatomic particles that make up the earth, our solar system, and the universe.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed but only transfers from one medium to another. For example, when you boil water it changes its state from liquid to steam which is gaseous. When you stand in the sun you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. How is that happening? It is happening through the same law in which energy transmits from one medium to the other.The much-acclaimed String Theory in physics describes that we live in a vibrational universe. That all matter is oscillating and vibrating at different speeds and frequencies. It goes on to further say that you and me we are all manifestations of a wave which has a frequency like a musical note.

Everything that we know, all matter as we know, see, don’t see, feel, touch, taste and smell is essentially vibrating at a different frequency. What does this mean for me and you? It means that our emotions have a vibrational frequency which can be altered. Scientists say that emotions in their physical nature is simply energy in motion hence the word E-motion. Think about it. If you are matter that is oscillating at a certain frequency and you can receive and absorb energy from around you then if you are in a lower emotional frequency, you can make a conscious effort to change your vibrational frequency by being in environments of higher frequencies. Using the same laws of physics and chemistry on how energy transfers from one medium to another we can say that being in an environment that produces high frequency waves can help transfer higher energy frequencies to your body, impacting the vibrational state of emotions. As a result, you end up experiencing more positive emotions.

For example, whenever you go out in nature you end up feeling relaxed and recharged. This is because the vibrational frequency of the earth is higher than your emotional frequency. So, when you are surrounded by nature you end up absorbing the higher energy frequencies that are prevalent all around you. Leaving you less stressed and relaxed. What does this mean? It means that we have the power to change how we feel at any given moment in time and space.

The varying emotions that we experience as we go about our lives such as love, joy, peace, compassion, anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, depression all have a vibrational frequency. The positive emotions such as love, joy, peace, compassion etc. are associated with higher energy frequencies and the negative emotions such as anger, fear, depression, guilt etc. are associated with lower frequencies. This is the reason why when you are happy and joyful you have so much energy that you are ready to do almost anything. Now try to recall a time when you were really depressed or sad and try to recall your energy levels. Do you remember being full of energy and ready to go out for a dance class or a bike ride or even a run? The answer for most of us will be no. This is exactly what I am trying to explain. When your emotional frequency is high you feel on top of the world. You are ready to take on anything, you feel pumped, so charged that you are just raring to go. This doesn’t happen when you are sad, or depressed.

Critics would argue that this is mere placebo effect however, here we are not talking about belief that is blind. I am referring to the very real and physical laws of nature. Otherwise why would you feel relaxed after listening to Beethoven, or Mozart. You feel relaxed because the vibrational frequency of the notes that are being played by the instruments are affecting every cell in your body. It is putting your mind in a relaxed state because it is being exposed to a certain frequency of sound waves that elevates your mood thus making you feel peaceful, joyful and happy. Therefore, sound therapy is a practice that can induce altered states of emotion in your body leaving you feeling recharged, relaxed and at peace.

The argument for sound therapy is based in real world experiments. For example, a study conducted to gauge the effect of sound therapy using Tibetan singing bowls on people’s moods found that participants felt less stressed, more relaxed, experienced reduced feelings of anger and anxiety and some even reported to be feeling happy after sixty minutes of a sound meditation. Curious as I am, and always looking for the why in everything that I do, I decided to purchase a Tibetan singing bowl and try it for myself. The results I found on myself were astounding. I not only felt relaxed I felt that this helped me fight moments of anxiety. I felt so relaxed after playing the singing bowl that I have now made it a part of my life. I also noticed that it helped me to zone into a meditative state of mind much more easily. I was not going to stop here though. I wanted to find a scientific reason as to why I was feeling relaxed after playing the singing bowl. Upon my research I came across information that was even more fascinating.

What I found based on different studies is that there are five brainwave states. They are Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta. All these brainwave states resonate a range of frequency. For example, Beta brainwave state is associated with being alert. Most of us find ourselves in this brainwave state while we are awake. But this is a brainwave state which only lets you access your conscious mind and allows you to focus. However, it is not conducive to new learning or creativity. When we are experiencing the beta state, we feel agitated, tense, under pressure and stressed.Do not get me wrong, I am not arguing that we should not be in a beta brainwave state. Beta brainwave has its advantages.

For example, I can tell you from my experience that I tend to focus more easily when I am under pressure. When my focus is concentrated, my ability to process tasks becomes much faster. That is understandable because I just block out everything else and use my full ability on getting the job done. However, beta brainwave state is not conducive to new learning or creativity. Ever wondered why most creative people you meet are, so cool, calm and collected? This is the reason why. It’s because the theta brainwave state is a zone in which your brain has expanded mental clarity and is highly receptive to new learning and even at accessing previously learnt information. Think about it. Were you ever able to produce a piece of art or anything creative when you were stressed out? Again, the answer will be most likely no.

This, however, is not the only benefit of artificially inducing a theta brainwave state through sound therapy. Theta brainwave state has been identified to increase the levels of melatonin, endorphins and dopamine in our brain giving us the feeling of pleasure and well-being. It is similar to the feeling you get when you’ve just come back from a good workout or a run. In my blog Managing Inner Peace and Serenity I explained that to manage the effects of the corona lockdown, self-isolation, and managing the feeling of fear that many people are facing around the world, we need to engage in practices that elevate our emotional frequency. High vibrational states of emotion will not only help us manage this situation better, but enable us to become a happier, new, and improved version of ourselves.

Imagine, how much it could affect your mood, your stress and anxiety levels if you were able to induce a theta brainwave state daily even if just for a few minutes? Imagine, how reduced anxiety, anger, depression could completely change you as a person. It has the power to change your life! Remember! A happier, calmer, more relaxed you is a far more effective and efficient you.

If you are one of those who finds themselves spending majority of your day feeling stressed, fearful, sad or depressed, then please spend some time checking out some of the high frequency music videos available on YouTube. You can also search for Binaural Beats on YouTube and listen to a variety of frequency music to elevate your emotional frequency. Listen to it for at least 30 to 45 mins. This practice works best if you use decent quality headphones or a good set of speakers. I can assure you that you will notice a marked difference in your emotional state after it.

The following links are just some examples of the ones I have used extensively, but there are numerous different channels and videos available.

Relevant Links:

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  1. janettelart says:

    Very interested! I think the kind of music can help performances according to activities (reflection, studying, chores, etc)

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    1. Bakhtawar Khan says:

      Absolutely. You can try using the links I shared as well as Tibetan singing bowls as part of daily ritual to de stress your body and mind. : )

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Liam Gallagher says:

    Very interesting Bakhtawer. It’s nice to hear practical actions to destress.
    I would be interested to hear the effect of electronics on beta waves! I image this is quite strong.

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